Enter the url, https://voip.flagstaffaz.gov/ucmuser/, into a web browser address bar when you are logged into a city computer.  Enter the username and password that you use to log into your city computer on the portal page. Accept all security warnings about the website.

  • Click on Call Forwarding on the Phones tab
  • Expand by clicking on the arrow next to your phone’s primary number
  • Expand Advanced calling rules
  • Change the entry next to “When there is no answer, forward calls to:” from Voicemail to Add a new number in both the internal and external calls section.
  • Enter the desired number remembering to enter it exactly as you would dial it, for example if it is an external local cell enter 9 XXX XXXX.  Forwarding to long distance numbers isn’t currently configured as the default on city phones but that can be changed with your supervisor’s approval.

The default time to ring a phone is 2 or 3 rings before the forward occurs, if you would like to lengthen the number of rings then let DoIT know and that setting will be extended for you.